It's part his information war inside Russia and the West
Over at Dog Shirt Daily—the awfully named, but otherwise great daily publication by Ben Wittes—Ben has a really interesting question that he proceeds…

December 2022

The referrals don't compel DOJ to act. But they don't have to.
In a post earlier this week, I laid out why a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine was very unlikely in the near-term; they disagree too…
And it's not particularly close. But here's what the Laws of Armed Conflict have to say about it.
Peace in this war isn't close. And premature calls for diplomacy push it further away. Instead, the West needs to provide credible public commitments to…
Thanks to a Ukrainian in occupied Kherson, we now know how Russian occupiers are using Telegram to surveil Ukrainians — and how dangerous its design…

November 2022

Tweets were always short-lived. Turns out Twitter was too.
What do we know about the Polish missile strikes so far?
Not much. But here's what to watch for in the lame duck session.
Some quick thoughts about CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602

October 2022

Was Truss' phone hacked? And what would that mean?